Seismic Data Processing

The founders of the Computer Shop, Austin Hook and Garry Haggins, have a strong background in developing software for exploration geophysics, particularly from the aspect of seismic data processing. As such we are particularly pleased when we can bring the services of the Computer Shop to the geophysical community which is so important in the Calgary area.

We also offer one specialty service in the seismic processing area which is 21 track demultiplexing. The Computer Shop has designed special interfaces and software to demultiplex 21-track seismic field tapes and convert the data into standard SEG-Y format. SEG-Y data can be output to 9-track, Exabyte, CD-ROM, 3480 cartridge or most any storage device that accepts either Pertec or SCSI controllers. There are currently two centres operating: (1) Calgary, Alberta, Canada and (2) Dataminda, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We also previously have operated in Jakarta, Indonesia. Moreover, we will set up anywhere in the world if required. Have 21-track, will travel!

We are pleased to quote any special needs in the geophysical area, from configuring systems, to seismic software, or even design of special electronic interfaces.

Contact Austin Hook at the shop for quotes and special projects --

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