Aside from some parts we may still have in our attic, here's a great link for Commodore nostalgia's sake. COMMODORE.CA

Amiga and Commodore 64

We have a few items left from the heyday of Commodore. We only have the items you see here. Prices are in Canadian funds for Canadian destinations, in US funds or Euros for shipping to those destinations. We accept PayPal (, and most credit cards.

Parnet Cable for Amiga -- Professionally manufactured $19.95 -- Postage to anywhere in US, Canada or Common Market countries is only $5 or 5 Euros. Length is 8 feet. Complete cable is more convenient than getting an adapter plus a cable.
To learn about how useful this cable can be for Amiga users see the The PARNET Page
For software see: AMINET and in particular we recommend ParBENCH. Parnet Cable

Amiga 1000 Printer Cable -- Rare item! Don't dare try to connect a printer to an Amiga 1000 without using this correct cable -- you can ruin your legacy computer and maybe the printer too! Use only with Amiga 1000 -- not with any other computer! $19.95. Length is 6 feet. Shipping is $5 to Canada or to any of the 50 states in USA, or 5 Euros to Common Market Countries.

Amiga 1000 Printer Cable