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Compaq / Digital Visual FORTRAN
Latest MS Windows versions
More stock expected: 20 March 2001.

Professional V 6.5               $1295 CDN  NOW IN STOCK!
Academic Pro. V 6.5            $849 CDN   sold out, waiting new order
Academic Standard  V 6.5   $649  CDN  NOW IN STOCK!

Other versions available (ask for quote):
Standard Version


Visual StrongType

Bulletproof your legacy FORTRAN code before converting to a new platform.  It has been demonstrated that many long term software bugs are hidden in mistakes that can be roughly catagorized as errors of units of measure.  This includes implicit kinds of units more subtle than merely, feet versus yards or, milliseconds versus fortnights.  Visual StrongType can be used to weed out some of those last bugs that have been hiding for years,  not noticed just because the answers are remotely plausible.

By first applying StrongType'ing it's a great way to re-familiarize yourself with code you are about to convert.  Then you will have more confidence in the results after you have ported the legacy code to a new platform.

Free Trial

Try the free version first.  If you have a small amout of code to quality check, the 21 days  may be all you need.

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Visual StrongType

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